Digital Textiles

Today, whilst searching for a piece of fabric to print on for a exhibition stand which I am working on, I came across this company.

Although Spanish based, they have world wide sales people you can discuss their products with... to me it was like a candy shop!

A company who can print in almost any material, any pattern you might imagine to have in any of your fashion statements... without a minimun required! This is... you want 1 m? you can have it!!!

Amy Butler

This website is full of beautiful fabrics and free patterns to inspire even the most demanding people....

Come on, do have an alternative Christmas... spend time doing your presents to those you love... dedicate them some special creation ;-)

Todler dress

I love my niece... She is so refreshing... when i grow up i want to be like her! Meanwhile, I thought I made her a dress using a wonderful vintage pattern i bought on Ebay ... with a twist.

Her mom, my sis in law, is from Uganda and so I am keen that she embraces all the layers of her culture...yes, I am making her aware subconsciously if you want to see it that way.
The pattern is super easy and i think, that even if i am saying it myself, the result speaks for it self!
You will need 1 m of washed (to allow any shrinking to take place)  wax dyed African cotton fabric from one of the shops at Middlesex street (by Petticoat lane market), London. I particularly enjoyed making the most of the fabric´s graphics, so that they read as part of the dress.


There is a great pattern to make a summer pyjama in BurdaStyle, it is called Jane 7997 and you can find it here.
I chose it as the first piece of wearable clothing to make, as it was rather low risk. If it turned out wrong, nobody (apart from Mr T ) would see it, so it was worth the trial.

It is a nice project for a beginner, and you do not have to buy an expensive fabric either, so it really is great. Come on, have a go!

Say you want to make an "Almost Pollini dress" ... well, this is your website ;-) As if one would ever think about doing such a thing, eh? Maybe not, but since you have seing the pic on this post... you might want to now .-)
There are loads of patterns for you to work your sewing magic ;-)

IKEA panel curtains

So this is the IKEA curtains we have bought for the kitchen... and the living, and the bedrooms....

IKEA has two models : KVARTAL (the posher one) and DIVISION (this one)

We chose the KVARTAL for the main bedroom because there was no other available system at the time, but we then found this one... which we found very easy and practical ...

Only one down point is that the panels are fixed to the frame by velcro, and the one which is part of the system is sticky on (not suitable to sew) and does not hold the fabric... Luckyly, Wooolworth and Sainsburys sell iron on or sewable velcro...

Make up bag

This is a useful bag I made with a bit of left over material I had....

You will need 2 pieces of A3 (59.4 cm x 42cm) size of fabric, for the bag itself, and 1 piece of A5 (29.7cm x 21cm) of the same material for the inner pocket. Any ribbon you might have around the house will also be useful.

Firstly you sew the pocket to one of the a3 pieces folding 2 cm inwards around.

Then you fold each of the a3 pieces in half and sew the sides right to the edge. Turn them inside out and fold the top of the bag 3 cm in. Place one bag inside the other one, pin them and sew them cose to the edge, but leaving both ends opened. Then same 2 cm lower.

Finally slip the ribbons into the opening and tie them.