Flower brooch

A friend bought the most beautiful flower felt brooch I have seen in my life to the office... is was gorgeous.

So much so, that in one of my trips to the Saint Martin´s school of design shop, I decided to buy some felt to make my own version....

Hers was made of 5 petal flowers arranged very carefully, but I decided to go for a 4 petal option and a more "experimental" spiral like arrangement... I have written a "how to" ... I hope the instructions are "readable" to all...

Step 1

Front view (target)

Step 2

Back view (target0

Step 3

Cut pattern (Rough overall dimensions 10 x 10cm)
Step 4

Set up the piece of felt to ensure you can fit the 6 pieces you need.
Step 5

fold each piece in half, and then again in half
Step 6

TIP: Make sure you do not squash the petals; otherwise you will have a flat flower...
Step 7

Stitch the shape together... repeat for all pieces
Step 8

Firstly, place 4 of them in a spiralling shape making a full "circle". When you are happy...fix them.
Step 9

Once you have the overall shape, use the last 2 parts to top up the flower...

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