Customized jacket

As you know... when one tidies up the wardrobe discovers thing forgotten and "out of size"... or so I do, anyway... This time, a jacket.

I still have not repaired my machine, and so this was anothe hand stitch exercise...

I had so much fun...

I set myself two goals: to make the jacket fit me and to do it in a "conservationist" manner, so that it would be clear what my intervention had been...

None of the people who have commented on it thought it was my work... they actually though it had been bought... which on the one hand makes me happy, but on the other... makes me want to put a sign up saying: I MADE IT ;-)

what a cute bunny and cuter story

Please read the lovely story of Kayte Terry, the creator of this cutey

"About six years ago, I made my first stuffed bunny rabbit for an adorable crafty boy I had a big crush on. Christmas was coming up and, while we had only been dating for a few weeks, I knew that he needed something more than the token CD that you usually give to guys you've only been dating a few weeks. In retrospect, it was a pretty bold move, but since this adorable crafty man is now my husband, I think it worked."
Here’s a an easy one to start with and you get to re-use pre-loved sweaters!

The step-by-step directions are excellent with online links to specific stitches mentioned. There is no Pattern - you just draw freehand the bunny shape to your liking. Also included are instructions on how to make a pom-pom tail. Too cute!

Do you remember the very hungry carterpillar?

This year is the 40th aniversary of this very popular creature, and I found a website where you are tought how to make your own...
And in case you are curious about tha Eric Carle creation, here is the official website link..

The purl bee

This website is packed of knowledge... i really like it...

I particularly like this project, which they took from someone called Mimi Kirchner (see the website at the very bottom)... a doll designer with loads of interesting ideas... i never thought i would get to like dolls ;-)

Spotty Elephant

This website has a lot of ideas for projects, amongst which you will find this beautiful elephant...

Polka drops

This website has wonderfully simple but beautiful patterns...

Dolls house

As an architects, I am obsessed.. a bit... about houses...
I came across this one through Burda and thought it was so beautiful that I should add it to my blog.... The website has a section of free patterns for many more cute things ;-)



A free pattern for you to enjoy.

Make one for yourself, the kids, your friends & neighbors.

Add yours to the flickr gallery ...

Please do not sell toys made from this pattern.

The 20-2-40-Style-Syndicate

I stumbled across this website looking for a particular pattern...and I found the "golden pattern".
it is a very interesting website with tones of vintage patterns available to all.... It feels like the return to chic!