what a cute bunny and cuter story

Please read the lovely story of Kayte Terry, the creator of this cutey

"About six years ago, I made my first stuffed bunny rabbit for an adorable crafty boy I had a big crush on. Christmas was coming up and, while we had only been dating for a few weeks, I knew that he needed something more than the token CD that you usually give to guys you've only been dating a few weeks. In retrospect, it was a pretty bold move, but since this adorable crafty man is now my husband, I think it worked."
Here’s a an easy one to start with and you get to re-use pre-loved sweaters!

The step-by-step directions are excellent with online links to specific stitches mentioned. There is no Pattern - you just draw freehand the bunny shape to your liking. Also included are instructions on how to make a pom-pom tail. Too cute!


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