Amazing patterns at manequim

At "The sewing forum", Nehmah, (who seems to always be a great source of knowledge) made a suggestion to visit this website... and I must say, that I am impressed.

As she suggested, the patterns are very smart, and also very current... the fabrics, the cuts... definitely worth the visit... I am downloading all the patterns already for my collection :-)


Tshirt into dress for Nahia

This is another one of those moments in the year when, by changing clothing from one season to the next, I rediscover items that I have not worn for so long that now do not feel right for me...

In the case of this t-shirt, let´s face it, it is a bit childish... I am not saying that i don´t like it, only that last time i wore it felt a bit young... and that was 2 years ago!

So, again, following my newly found method (if you can transform it do it, if it is not possible give it away) I have decided that my 2 year old niece will be better off with it, and so, I have transformed it and it is now a dress for her to go to the beach .

I feel good recycling! So good that i have not yet finished hand sewing (machine still un-repaired) one sleve and here i am telling the world :-)
Step 1:

Firstly I placed the t-shirt on the table and roughly gave the sides of the neck 4.5 cm... when i say roughly i mean it, as i ended up changing my mind and making one 4 cm and the other one 5, so that i can put some detail to break the symmetry... yet i have not decided what so my guess is that tomorrow there will be a new step or two :-)

I drew a curve and marked an 8cm "opening" for the arms to get through , to then join the corner of the t-shirt to roughly 5cm inwards at the end of the curvature... see photo
Step 2

Cut two pieces of contrasting material... 20cm by 6 cm , make a slight curvature in one of the long sides in each piece... i would say 1 cm diference between the ends and the middle.... make a 1cm seam in 3 of the sides, leaving the long straight without a seam. sew all seams.

Fold pieces in half, wrong sides touching, and pin to the newly created opening (if you think about it... you have the t-shirt inside out, and you tack the sleves inside the dress to sew. You then sew from the bottom of the dress up.
Step 3

I personally findh that doing one side, and checking it all helps me minimizing the mistakes
Step 4

Finally I decided to add a little touch on the neck... drew a "bone" gave it a 5mm seam and sew around it leaving the central area of the longer side open, to turn it inside out. Then I folded the last seams in and sewed it all to the edge of the collar so that it looks tidy.

I got the book...

...and this is my initial idea of what I would like to be making for my cousin's wedding this summer...

Craftzine The amazing resource for crafts

This website is an amazing resource of ideas...

Including some of the patterns from Burda Style which, since christmas you need to pay for...
CRAFT Pattern Podcast: Burda Style's Franzi Vest

CRAFT Pattern Podcast: Burda Style's Steffi Jacket

CRAFT Pattern Podcast: Burda Style's Ellen Pants

CRAFT Pattern Podcast: Burda Style's Maddy top

CRAFT Pattern Podcast: Burda Style's Cate Dress

Pattern magic

So there is this website I found where French ladies who like Japanese sewing pattern books talk, and I saw the cover of these books....
I was so impressed that I decided to go immediately to ebay and buy one of them (the original on) for start, to see how it goes...
I am waiting for it to arrive but I cant wait!!
In July is my cousins´s wedding and if all goes to plan, for the first time in my life, I will not be panicking about what to wear as I intend to make my own dress..
To have a sneaky pick on what is coming my way... have a look in

"Pinched" (ruffled) skirt

An "A line" type of skirt...
the Sidonie form the Burda style website, for example...
in a traditional woolly material...
a bit longer than usual...
zip in the back...
when finished, I pinched in different places to make it more up to date...
to get some volume...
Since Burda changed, and some of the originally free patterns are now charged for, you can find a tutorial on how to make an A line skirt here, free of charge.

Mission: Dress for Claire

A friend left the office a few months ago, and my sewing "teacher" and I decided to use the opportunity to make a project together... the pattern was the 7979 Jonny on, but unfortunately another friend who does not sew chose the fabrics, which were so thin that ripped as we tried to sew them...

For months we pretended that the dress was not there, but finally decided to face it back in our own terms.

So we changed materials and modified some of the details on the pattern... I have posted my mark ups in the Burda website too

The new choice of materials was the following: top is white linen The skirt is a wrinkled paper looking like cotton I bought in an African fabrics shop.

For the neck and cuffs we chose a contrasting material from my grandma´s "treasure box"... the buttons are black Crystal... a bit dear but look gorgeous, and she is well worth it :-)