Pattern magic

So there is this website I found where French ladies who like Japanese sewing pattern books talk, and I saw the cover of these books....
I was so impressed that I decided to go immediately to ebay and buy one of them (the original on) for start, to see how it goes...
I am waiting for it to arrive but I cant wait!!
In July is my cousins´s wedding and if all goes to plan, for the first time in my life, I will not be panicking about what to wear as I intend to make my own dress..
To have a sneaky pick on what is coming my way... have a look in


  1. Ooh I have these - they are wonderfully inspiring (but so far I have just got them out and drooled and dreamed a bit!)
    You'll love them when they arrive
    (from tsf topcat)

  2. you are so right... i love this book... i want to make every item... shame life is a bit short... :-)

  3. sounds like its a great book i gotta check it out