Tshirt into dress for Nahia

This is another one of those moments in the year when, by changing clothing from one season to the next, I rediscover items that I have not worn for so long that now do not feel right for me...

In the case of this t-shirt, let´s face it, it is a bit childish... I am not saying that i don´t like it, only that last time i wore it felt a bit young... and that was 2 years ago!

So, again, following my newly found method (if you can transform it do it, if it is not possible give it away) I have decided that my 2 year old niece will be better off with it, and so, I have transformed it and it is now a dress for her to go to the beach .

I feel good recycling! So good that i have not yet finished hand sewing (machine still un-repaired) one sleve and here i am telling the world :-)
Step 1:

Firstly I placed the t-shirt on the table and roughly gave the sides of the neck 4.5 cm... when i say roughly i mean it, as i ended up changing my mind and making one 4 cm and the other one 5, so that i can put some detail to break the symmetry... yet i have not decided what so my guess is that tomorrow there will be a new step or two :-)

I drew a curve and marked an 8cm "opening" for the arms to get through , to then join the corner of the t-shirt to roughly 5cm inwards at the end of the curvature... see photo
Step 2

Cut two pieces of contrasting material... 20cm by 6 cm , make a slight curvature in one of the long sides in each piece... i would say 1 cm diference between the ends and the middle.... make a 1cm seam in 3 of the sides, leaving the long straight without a seam. sew all seams.

Fold pieces in half, wrong sides touching, and pin to the newly created opening (if you think about it... you have the t-shirt inside out, and you tack the sleves inside the dress to sew. You then sew from the bottom of the dress up.
Step 3

I personally findh that doing one side, and checking it all helps me minimizing the mistakes
Step 4

Finally I decided to add a little touch on the neck... drew a "bone" gave it a 5mm seam and sew around it leaving the central area of the longer side open, to turn it inside out. Then I folded the last seams in and sewed it all to the edge of the collar so that it looks tidy.

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