My body form

A few months ago, I decided that buying a dressmaker´s dummy. I looked into the market and had a shock when i begun to see how expensive one with a bit of flexibility/adjusting was.

As usual, I decided to turn to my dear friend Ebay, and it did not disappoint. Although originally I lost the dummy to a higher bidder, who came in with 2 extra pounds in the last minute, I was given a second chance when the seller realised that she had to post the dummy to the other side of the world for the budget she would need to post it within the UK.

This is her, and this is the seller, who ,I have noticed, is not currently trading. I am super happy with her, and would recommend everyone to search for a good deal, as life gets simple when you can see how things fall on your back.

Tony´s sewing centre part 2

Part 1:

So finally, yesterday morning I picked up my "sicky" machine from the repairing shop. (I must say, that she is feeling much better, thank you very much :-), and so am I.)

Exactly like a few weeks ago, when the guys from Cycledelik repaired my bike, which still feels amaaaazing, ( this time too, there were issues related to the machine "drying inside" and requiring some oil, tension adjustment and a few more minor, but adding up issues.

I just wanted to share my feedback with all of you, as you might need a sewing machine wizz too...

On the side, I asked him about which machines he had available, for two of my friends who are considering to "join in" the world of sewing, and he told me that based on experience, he would recommend for any interested person to visit his shop, where he could show the available options based on budget and skills, and also teach/train them on the machine they decided to purchase to ensure that no problems arise.... What a great old fashion way of doing things... isn't it?

Wonderful source of inspiration... and history

Yet again, at "the sewing forum" someone has posted a link to this amazing website:

In a nut shell... this is a website-archive, where you will be able to find what type of magazine your granny read and which clothes she might have worn...
The archive ranges from 1920 to nowadays and it is an amazing source of inspiration for those, who like me, want to learn from the past to move to the future...

My latest attempt...

This is a dress I am making... It was supposed to be a training exercise to determine how achievable my target design for my cousin´s wedding is... and I have to publicly admit, that I have learnt not to trust a pattern with regard to sizing, as it would appear from this, that a size 12 is not the same in all pattern brands :-)

Schoolgirl error? maybe... but it is OK.

As usual, I could not have followed a pattern through, and so the front comes from a pack, the back another one, and the sleeves are not clearly originated from either but "kind-of" another one :-)

Overall, I think it looks promising, but those massive hems in either side of the body, are the proof for me to stop and think more often than I do :-) As it was only when I hand sewed the whole thing that I tried it on, and felt the shock... In any case, nothing serious, and hopefully soon-to-be solved issue.

Keep you posted.

Wedding fashion project

"In advance of an exhibition of Wedding Dresses in 2011 we are creating a database of photographs of clothes worn for weddings from all cultures between 1840 and the present. We include civil partnerships. This database will provide a rich record and help people date their own photographs.

To ensure we build a useful historical record all entries will provide the year of the event and the names of the bride and groom or partners. The place and the religion of the wedding will be included if possible. We would like you to upload up to three photographs showing the fashions at any one wedding and the principal image should focus on the detail of the wedding dress (or partners' clothes)."

1940s patterns to knit

I love the V&A!

The two hour dress

What a great idea!

I read about this on the sewing forum, but i could not be prepared for something so lovely!! and so easy!!

Absolutely fabulous ;-)

Skirt into shirt

A few days ago this used to be a skirt which I bought at the shop where I have bought most of my cloths since i was a teen and first begun to trade: Zara.

I had fallen out of love with it and refused to wear it last summer, but as I was rummaging through my boxes trying to assess my summer stock I realised that if it stayed as a skirt, I would never wear it again... and so, yet again, I made another variation of the same Lydia pattern i have already modified before.... I have to say that I am quite pleased with the result, particularly as it is all hand sown.... if you want to have a go click here
I only marked up the changes I have made to the original pattern ... as I am afraid that the instructions are pretty similar to those in the original Burda pattern... the main difference is that when you cut the two top pieces and then the two bottom pieces (front and back)... you will need to join them first before you join back and front to gether or to the sleeves: top-bottom front and top-bottom back.
The front one, as the bottom part is wider, i recommend you that you run a loose thread through the stitching line and pull a bit. If you pin, the two ends of the top and bottom to conicide on the stitch line, then you can adjust the in betweens... for the sleeves, you might find some visual information on the "how to"s at the Burda site.

Tony´s sewing centre

Ok, so here is the story... My machine, bought through the Internet in for a good price last June (2008)... stopped working just before xmas, as I was trying to finish a shirt for my sister in law. I spoke to the guys at the shop and they told me I needed to send it to Newcastle for them to repair!!! Imagine my panic... how was I to send my dear friend in a Royal Mail box to Newcastle? No way Jose!

(At this point I should explain that, as i finish in the office well after all shops have closed down, I tend to do a lot of shopping on the net... which generally is great, but sometimes opens up new issues such as the one described above)

So I waited and waited and talk to my friends about this whilst making other kind of projects, of smaller scale that I could handle by hand.

A couple of weeks ago, one of those friends suggested to go to Tufnell Park, where a man has been, for years, sorting out machines that, like mine, had decided to stop working... So today, I took the 390 bus and got there in almost no time.

The guy is a very lovely man, who I have seeing treating other customers as well as me with kindness and unbelievable good old fashion friendliness... Apparently, the problem is not grave and so I should have my machine back before next weekend...

Please note in case you get into trouble:
0207 485 1653

Have you ever wondered...

what you will be wearing as you grow older?... I have. Many times. I used to think, when i was a student, that one day i would wear what i wanted... I used to look up to Zaha Hadid, an architect whose work I liked more back in the days....the nineties... and think to myself... everyone is looking for themselves, but she knows who she is. Many speak badly about her and criticise her ways, but i admire that she is herself. I admire that, in everyone, as I have never been very sure of what or who I was...and to be honest still don´t.

As i was saying, i decided that one day, when i grew up (i was 24 then) and became my own boss, i would face the true and look just the way i wanted... wearing cloths consistent to who i would be. I would hopefully have my own practice, design with a client in mind... etc...

Slowly slowly i realised that this day might never come. And if it did, it might be a bit late... so i made myself a promise to spend time getting to know more about who I was and look and dress accordingly.

The first thing I bought in that state of mind was a gorgeous Adolfo Dominguez red "plastic" skirt. When i wear it i still feel a bit like a princess... i think it was meant to be worn in the evening, but I had found myself and i had to live with it-me 24 hours a day,no?

Anyway, looking forward, I am glad that i begun to sew as , at least, if i don't find something i like, all have I to do is change it :-) or make a new version...

But I have decided that, like Zaha, when I am 60 i fancy wearing Issey Miyake´s designs... The only problem I have, is that unless he is planning to last.... a lot... by the time i get to that age, there will not be Miyake.

So, because I have not yet wan the lottery (who knows, maybe one day) I am settling for the next best thing: I am going to buy patterns and I will keep them until then .-) by that time, i will be good enough sewing to be able to do him proud!

These are two of the ones I am considering... looking at them I now see that I don't seem to be planning to actually grow old ...