1940s patterns to knit

I love the V&A!



  1. This is probably an ignorant question, but is there a way to get the Polka Drops site in english. The link comes up in Japanese with no photos for me. Thank you in advance for your help.


  2. Hi there... have you noticed the bar on the top right hand corner of my blogs...? the one with the flags? if you get to the website and go to the google translator i think it should work... my mother in law reads my entries like that from english to japanese...and my mom from english to spanish... so it should work...

  3. marky... and who ever else might have had this problem... you can download the google toolbar from www.google.com
    and identify your preferred language, then as soon as you enter in a website that it is in any other language, a little bar will pop out and ask you if you want to translate... you then click on translate and that is it! :-)
    Re. the photos... it wight be that your computer has some sort of "lock" for you not to go to certain type of websites... i cannot help on that one im afraid... but have a look at your internet preferences...maybe?? hope this helps...