My latest attempt...

This is a dress I am making... It was supposed to be a training exercise to determine how achievable my target design for my cousin´s wedding is... and I have to publicly admit, that I have learnt not to trust a pattern with regard to sizing, as it would appear from this, that a size 12 is not the same in all pattern brands :-)

Schoolgirl error? maybe... but it is OK.

As usual, I could not have followed a pattern through, and so the front comes from a pack, the back another one, and the sleeves are not clearly originated from either but "kind-of" another one :-)

Overall, I think it looks promising, but those massive hems in either side of the body, are the proof for me to stop and think more often than I do :-) As it was only when I hand sewed the whole thing that I tried it on, and felt the shock... In any case, nothing serious, and hopefully soon-to-be solved issue.

Keep you posted.


  1. love your blog. hope it's okay with you, i'm adding you on my list of favorite blogs.

  2. thanks Nancy :-) its very kind of you...
    I have followed your blog for a while :-)probably since I begun to blog at the end of last year :-)
    I love the drawings you make... very evocative...