Skirt into shirt

A few days ago this used to be a skirt which I bought at the shop where I have bought most of my cloths since i was a teen and first begun to trade: Zara.

I had fallen out of love with it and refused to wear it last summer, but as I was rummaging through my boxes trying to assess my summer stock I realised that if it stayed as a skirt, I would never wear it again... and so, yet again, I made another variation of the same Lydia pattern i have already modified before.... I have to say that I am quite pleased with the result, particularly as it is all hand sown.... if you want to have a go click here
I only marked up the changes I have made to the original pattern ... as I am afraid that the instructions are pretty similar to those in the original Burda pattern... the main difference is that when you cut the two top pieces and then the two bottom pieces (front and back)... you will need to join them first before you join back and front to gether or to the sleeves: top-bottom front and top-bottom back.
The front one, as the bottom part is wider, i recommend you that you run a loose thread through the stitching line and pull a bit. If you pin, the two ends of the top and bottom to conicide on the stitch line, then you can adjust the in betweens... for the sleeves, you might find some visual information on the "how to"s at the Burda site.

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