Tony´s sewing centre part 2

Part 1:

So finally, yesterday morning I picked up my "sicky" machine from the repairing shop. (I must say, that she is feeling much better, thank you very much :-), and so am I.)

Exactly like a few weeks ago, when the guys from Cycledelik repaired my bike, which still feels amaaaazing, ( this time too, there were issues related to the machine "drying inside" and requiring some oil, tension adjustment and a few more minor, but adding up issues.

I just wanted to share my feedback with all of you, as you might need a sewing machine wizz too...

On the side, I asked him about which machines he had available, for two of my friends who are considering to "join in" the world of sewing, and he told me that based on experience, he would recommend for any interested person to visit his shop, where he could show the available options based on budget and skills, and also teach/train them on the machine they decided to purchase to ensure that no problems arise.... What a great old fashion way of doing things... isn't it?

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