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Ok, so here is the story... My machine, bought through the Internet in for a good price last June (2008)... stopped working just before xmas, as I was trying to finish a shirt for my sister in law. I spoke to the guys at the shop and they told me I needed to send it to Newcastle for them to repair!!! Imagine my panic... how was I to send my dear friend in a Royal Mail box to Newcastle? No way Jose!

(At this point I should explain that, as i finish in the office well after all shops have closed down, I tend to do a lot of shopping on the net... which generally is great, but sometimes opens up new issues such as the one described above)

So I waited and waited and talk to my friends about this whilst making other kind of projects, of smaller scale that I could handle by hand.

A couple of weeks ago, one of those friends suggested to go to Tufnell Park, where a man has been, for years, sorting out machines that, like mine, had decided to stop working... So today, I took the 390 bus and got there in almost no time.

The guy is a very lovely man, who I have seeing treating other customers as well as me with kindness and unbelievable good old fashion friendliness... Apparently, the problem is not grave and so I should have my machine back before next weekend...

Please note in case you get into trouble:
0207 485 1653

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