Japanese fabrics

These are some of the super cute "detail" fabrics which my mother in law brought for me from japan. She explained that they are not silk, and so I should not feel the pressure... which sort of makes me feel better, but you must agree with me that they look gorgeous still, so I will be needing to carefully consider where to use them :-)

Last weekend, probably you have read it on any of my other blogs, I was at a market with two of my friends promoting our work and our friends´, and I made little aprons for all three of us to put the coins from the postcards that we had at the stand. They had nothing in particular, but 3 "pockets", but I was temped to use one of these on mine, as they are quite feminine... I think it is good that i did not, as i am sure i can do better than that and find something more special to make.... now that i come to think so, my "secret Santa" wallet is breaking :-)


  1. Hey Cristina!
    I agree these are cute, but also agree with your mother in low saying that you shouldn't feel pressure^^
    I will expect that you will make something different from what I ll make from these as Japanese, How interesting!