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The next thing i need to report on is that i have, with some of my colleagues/friends, started to meet on Tuesdays to sew! we have officially reinstated the Tuesdays sewing tradition, and it was great! so much fun... i personally took the opportunity to begin work on my Xmas presents to my two nieces... two lovely dresses...
For the younger one, i used a kind of knit in deep grey which i am going to adorn with some contrasting flowers. The pattern i chose was "Sophia #BS-005" (which i got for free months ago, from the Burda website... appears to be $2 now...)
For the elder one, a girly dress with a beautiful "end of the roll" bit of fabric i bought at my local charity shop.... the pattern is a bit "traditional" but i will do it with a "twist"... something like this could be great fun... keep you posted ;-)

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