great news

A while back i mentioned how i purchased the first of these two books "pattern magic"... Having found it through a blog i bought it off Ebay...( )

Well, yesterday, i went with my husband to the Japan centre ( in Piccadilly street, off Piccadilly circus) to discover, that the food section has been moved down to another building around the corner in lower regents street.

As a result, the used-to-be tinny book shop is now large enough to cater for crafts books as well as magazines, manga or cooking books... we were very happy to find that they do, in fact sell, the same books here, at the price i bought them from the Internet (a tat too expensive when you know the "real" price) but without having to depend on the good will of the postal strikers!!! And so, I am happy.

There are books on children crafts, knitting, sewing projects, kimono books and many more :-)

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