I am getting into the idea of changing things i dont like.

For start, I have plenty of cloths which are not "perfect" and that would most definitely benefit from a change.

Earlier in the year I changed a jacket which was far too large for me and by making a few (reversible if needed) changes, I now have a jacket which I have used quite a bit.
At the time, i was considering to bring another one to the charity shop, but hanged on to it on the hope that a success would encourage me to take action with that one too.
Today i have pinned and basted the jacket, and even had a crazy idea to do with sorting out an awfull ribbon/belt-wanna-be/bow... See the images and feel free to comment if there is anything that may bennefit the progress. (I have to confess that I am a bit nervous about my mom´s reaction ... :-)

Also, yesterday, I bought my first "vintage" jacket.... which looks good enough to accept a few changes like the buttons, which I would ideally like to change for some leather ones... I am going to do a bit of research to give iot a twist.

Update on my sewing projects

I am close to admit that i am as near to coo coo as one can be :-) Not happy with one dress per niece, I decided to make two versions of the same to one, and to complicate...sorry, enrich... the detailing of the one i am making for the youngest.... So here is the dilemma.... how much time will i have left to make toys? I begun to count and i have 2 new babies. 2 babies on the way to friends and family. 2 less-than-a year old babies and 3 toddlers! plus I am taking part, as i said, on the Christmas plans of the toy society!!! OMG, OMG!!

The dresses are coming along well.... I have the feeling that the one on the photo, that for my youngest niece, is looking rather good :-)

Using a woolie fabric from the charity shop in leather lane market and a pink ribbon i bought at Habitat, I have managed to give a little twist to the original pattern to make it more... festive :-)

The detail on the neck is similar to one i have in a top myself and i think it will look super cute on her... I am sure that my mother will be pleased too as I am pretty sure that a simple grey dress is not her idea of a child dress :-)

The other two dresses are going well, but as i am still working on bits, i decided against taking pictures yet....

The toys are looking good...

I have cut 2 "Gigi giraf"s from a free pattern at the Burda website, a black apple doll, a pointy cat, scotty dog (all linked previously to the blog)

1 lamb

1 rabbit

1 ruby doll

Now i just have to sew them and stuff them :-) OMG OMG

(To think that this is only the beginning...)