I am getting into the idea of changing things i dont like.

For start, I have plenty of cloths which are not "perfect" and that would most definitely benefit from a change.

Earlier in the year I changed a jacket which was far too large for me and by making a few (reversible if needed) changes, I now have a jacket which I have used quite a bit.
At the time, i was considering to bring another one to the charity shop, but hanged on to it on the hope that a success would encourage me to take action with that one too.
Today i have pinned and basted the jacket, and even had a crazy idea to do with sorting out an awfull ribbon/belt-wanna-be/bow... See the images and feel free to comment if there is anything that may bennefit the progress. (I have to confess that I am a bit nervous about my mom´s reaction ... :-)

Also, yesterday, I bought my first "vintage" jacket.... which looks good enough to accept a few changes like the buttons, which I would ideally like to change for some leather ones... I am going to do a bit of research to give iot a twist.


  1. these are wonderful! I love what you are doing and so regret discarding old lovely jackets. good luck with your sewing and tailoring projects!

  2. Cheers Nancy, very much apreciated ;-)
    I have come to realise that sometimes, i have taken too many things for granted and i am enjoying mending my ways ;-)