"09 Christmas Drop #144"

Last Friday, on my way home, i was carrying my sewing machine on one shoulder, a bag full of things on the other, talking to mom on the mobile, and struggling to move amongst hundreds of people… someone approached me and gave me a flower “let me give you a flower to make your day!”

I was so surprised… i had heard of people movements to encourage people being kind and more friendly but never experienced it myself…
Then, i have found my way to pay back! Have a look
This is my first attempt to toy making for the Toy Society Christmas project… I love it ;-)
I decided to do a hand puppet because i like the interaction between the child playing and the one looking... I t is made of any scraps i had at home, but looks sweet.

Number of Toys: 1
Made by: Cristina
Dropped by: Cristina
When: Tuesday morning
And Cristina says: I hope someone lovely finds it

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