"09 Christmas Drop #143"

This dog is my second toy for the Toy Society´s Christmas project… I am not sure what would this be used as, but i thought that would be nice for a hard working mom to find it and maybe use it to pin her needles :-)
It's made of Bits and pieces ... mainly left overs from IKEA panel curtains believe it or not ;-) and some felt.

Dropped: Maiden Lane Estate, London (England)
Number of Toys: 1
Made by: Cristina
Dropped by: Cristina
When: Sunday morning


  1. Wow, what a cute thing to do... I know if I found one somewhere (not that I could, as I live in the US) I know I'd be really tickled by it.

  2. thanks :-)
    part of the toy society project is for people who find the toys to reply and communicate that they did... but i have not had a response yet :-(