Bag for my mother in law

I made this with "Basque linen" I bought back home as my mother in law loves it... I wanted to make a bag that she could fit enough things without making it too heavy.

I needed: 1 m x 50 cm of linen, same of a white cotton for the linining. 15 cm of Gift ribbon from the National Gallery and a 15 cm x 15cm more rigid white cotton piece for the pocket detail, around 75 cm of  hand bag handle i got at the Chapel market in Angel and two large fifties buttons I bought in Kempton Park

I cut 2 squares of 43 cm x 43 cm in both linen and cotton. Then 3 pieces of both linen and cotton of 43 cm x 8 cm and 1 piece of the tougher cotton of 15 x 15 cm.

Asuming a hem of 1.5cm, you need to sew the 3 long pieces to form a strap, joining them with the same kind. I chose a plain piece for the bottom of the bag and strappy ones for the sides, but it is entirely up to you. 

Then you pin the resulting "articulated piece to one of the squares and sew it. Then the other and sew it. Remember to always do it good sides facing eachother.

You will do the same for the cotton, but first you need to sew the ribbon to the "top" of your pocket-to-be small 15x15 piece. Then fold in 1cm around the other 3 sides and pin on to one of the large cotton squares, and sew. Then proceed as per previously described.

Now you will need to fix together the inner/outer bags and the handle. I did it by folding in a hen line of 1.5 cm, pining it, fixing the handle where i liked and then sew it.

The final touch is to choose the posiitoning of the button holes, make them and fix the buttons accordingly... As you have to go through 2 pieces of fabric, pind them together first.

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