Bits and pieces

Last week we had an office clear out. This past year has been such a horror that we have been left with a lot of un-identifyable paperwork and stuff. Amongst a lot of rubbish, I managed to salvage this gorgeous timber box (originally to organise stationary) which i now use to keep all my bits organised. How happy I am ;-)

A couple of weeks ago, I bought these leather buttons on Ebay to update and upgrade a jacket i bought on  a vintage shop... The bag was pretty big (around 30 buttons) and for the cost well worth considering as an alternative to expensive shops....

Also around that time, and possibly because it is that time of the year again, I found at the National Gallery, the most gorgeous linen ribons do decorate my pieces... I have already used them in a pocket for a bag i have made as a present to my mother in law ;-) I cannot believe that people can waste such an amazing piece of material to wrap something up which will last a milli second!

Finally, I would like to thank my dearest friend Amaya, for the bestest present I could have dreamt.... the good seamstress manual!!!!!

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