Gabriel's customised spider hat

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Pauline's child minder's father passed away, so she needed help with her 2.5 year old boy Gabriel: the cutest in the world. As my friends Amaya and Fer were visiting London, we decided to get him involved in several museum visits amongst other things, and so we picked him up at 9am.

The weather was awful. It rained cats and dogs.. even elephants at some stages, so early in the morning, we had to get into a bus to attempt getting into the Anis Kapur exhibition at the Royal academy... So rushed that we even took the wrong bus. By the time we realised, we press the bell and left the bus in a hurry... leaving the little one's hat behind too... We felt horrible. The worst "parents" ever, and we could not even chase the bus as we were in Oxford Street, where the stops are alternating!

As it was freezing, we attempted to buy him a new hat, but he kept on saying that he needed no other hat as he had a very nice one with spiders!!! All three of us wanted to cry... Anyway, adult like, we got him a hat for the day (similar feeling to the one he had) and a second one for me to customize adding the loved spiders on to it... This is the result... I like it, and hope that so does he ;-)

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