Another Christmas hair piece

So I managed to catch the office cold… the one that everyone has been suffering and seems to have left each and every one of us without energy for the holidays. I missed my party, and my husband’s and well, such is life, eh? But as I still have the "real " Christmas to come, I could not stop myself from making another one of these…

I used scraps of materials I had at home (I have photograph them to give you an idea of the mix), the same black ribbon i used last time and similarly, fasteners. I also made 4 yoyos which i decorated with a garnet type of bead.

I firstly made a shape I liked in tissue paper. Then cut the same shape in jersey fabric… twice. Sewed around most of it, turned inside out and finished the “base piece”. The ribbon and the fasteners were measured, cut and fixed to the base.

I then cut around 40 to 50 “leafs” in fabrics of different textures. The shape, bay leaf like. Once I had them all cut, I begun to group them in 3 s of 4s, sewing them together… and finally, arranged them along the base until I was happy with the shape. then I sewed them, starting from the “top”, always making sure that each layer covered the “steams” of the previous one…. similarly to my Custom T-shirt project.

I made the 4 yoyos I sewed the beads into each one and laid them over the template’s vertex (to call it something… the pointy-er area that was to be placed behind my ear) covering the bottom of the bottom leafs. Finally I sewed them to one another and then to the base.

Hair piece for my office's Christmas party

Last time I was in Japan I purchased a “yo yo” maker….

I first heard of the Yo-yo maker in June, when I bought a magazine called “cotton friend” where the company which makes the product advertised it.

I always struggle trying to decide what to wear to the office christmas party as it is always an occassion, and all the ladies make an extra effort … so, this year, I decided to make a nice accessory to accompany my dress.

I firstly made a shape I liked in tissue paper. Then made the bigger yoyos and laid them over the template. Then tiny ones to complete the shape. I sewed crystal beads into each larger one. Finally I sewed them to one another and to two ribbons at either end. Tried it on, marked where to put the snap fastener , sewed it and that was it :-) The benefit of not having a base is that it adjusts better to your own head shape.

I used left over cottor/rayon fabric, a wide ribbon, and a snap fastener, as well as some swarosky little beads for a spark.

The fabric is an African wrinkled cotton that has a shiny strappy finish… they sell it in the east of London to make celebratory clothing. We also used it in the black and white dress for my former colleague Claire.

By the way, mother nature had other plans and I ended up stuck in bed with a fue rather than enjoying the party… oh well will wear it another time :-)

Cloth house, Soho

A few weeks ago I finally went into a shop i have loved from the distance for a while: Cloth house.

I will cut the story short and tell you about their philosophy. They are a company that sources their materials from many countries caring for the people who make them, for the processes that are used to make them and the impact of those in the environment. They even quote one of my heroes in their website: Mahatma Gandhy "there is no beauty in the finest cloths if it makes hunger and unhappiness".

I always thought it would be an expensive place, because they care so much for every detail that I have been accustomed in the uk to pay for service, but everything is so reasonable that i had to check the labels twice! The selection is incredible: from vintage haberdashery to the best non branded cottons or even silver thread. They even have a remnant pile near the door and Edith Piaf on the music is a great place .

From London, thank you

Hi there everyone.... I have meant to say  (for a while now) that I am loving the "new" feature of blogger that allows me to understand where all of you lovely people are from.
Until this feature became available, I was aware of those of you following though the following widget, and I have even visited your blogs... but as for the rest, I did not even realised that you were there until recently!
Now I now know that there are more of you, some following from really unexpected places, therefore before going any further I would like to take the time to say thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog as busy as life it is. I do appreciate your time, a rear commodity these days, more than a blog entry can express.
I also like to thank you for the feedback that you send me, either by commenting or by emailing me. I really like hearing what you like or don´t as it gives my blogging a sense of purpose and makes me happy to know that my "giving back" is working... makes my day, frankly :-)

When I learnt to sew, thanks to my lovely friend Anja, my life changed. I don´t think there is nothing more fulfilling than achieving one of your childhood dreams! When i made my first piece (a little make up bag) I made a promise to my inner child. I promised that I had to give as much back to the world.This is the reason behind the blog.
Continuing the list of I need to go to the moon and learn to fly... not joking...

Looking for a skirt... any skirt?

Some mornings you can´t decide... shall i wear the long one? the black one? the one with the detail? NO, I am going to cycle... am I not?... can´t it is raining...etc etc... Maybe it is just me, but i doubt it!

I have so often considered how many "types" of skirts one might need to cover all eventualities that my brain has reached a "stop" :-)

Looking for ideas, I have found several great sources which I am very happy to share ....

First one is in the craftsew website, and has such a large amount of options that one must be able to find something :-)
You have a link to Jona G´s A line tutorial

or Fitzpatterns super cute Dana skirt

To go to work, I liked this one

If you are keen to learn how to create a pattern, i have found a brilliant tutorial at fashion era

If you are after a fifties style circle here to see how

6 panel circle skirt can be found at the better homes and gardens website

A petticoat skirt from the anti craft website

And of course there is Burda.... for this tutu skirt

And also for this layered skirt
Or this great "collage" one...

And if you are going about this!

Halloween costumes... still time

These are some of the cutest I have found! It is amazing how creative people get around this time of the year !


Pumpkin, ghost and bat

Last minute skeleton



Christmas ....Advent calendars....

Advent calendars are mi nieces´ favourite way to earn a little piece of chocolate there will ever be. They generally do not eat sweets, but those days prior to Christmas are magical to them.
My sister in law comes from a Muslim family and my family is ... well... I would say mainly agnostic. But thinking about my grandparents and the way they were all brought up... half communist half catholic could be a fair assessment.... SO.... there is quite an unclear delimitation of the specific significance of us.
I guess it is the time to gather, the time to go back home, and have a laugh and a sing a song... It is the time to catch up to listen out your friends achievements, to enjoy the murmur of the waves...and peace. Where ever you are.
Anyway, I know it might sound early, but if you think about it... it is not. You must have it completed at least (in my case) a week before the first of December... and so planning is rather essential!

Wedding dress patterns

Looking through many websites on patterns I have come across many wedding dress ideas that I think, are worth bearing in mind if you are planning your day and might be short of cash or willingness to part from your hard earned cash.
These are the lovelies examples...

Dress number 5

Dress number 6

Dress number 9
Dress number 10
Dress number 11

And if it is all a bit much, the 2 hour dress might just save the day with its versatility.