Liberty fabric

I have, since I was a child, liked the girly feeling of the Liberty prints... As an adult, and having studied architecture, I was re-acquainted with William Morris´work and his influence on Liberty´s.

This August I have a wedding to attend to, and I know I cannot wear a wedding like outfit... it will not work! And as I cannot find a lovely but vintage like wedding suitable dress, I am looking into making one myself.

Last friday, my lovely colleague and friend Gill told me about the new designs which have just arrived to Liberty...lovely
But of course, when you are calculating to make a long enough dress (not keen in minis as no matter what they say, they never look elegant) it all adds up. So I begun to investigate, where else one could buy these, or other Liberty fabrics a bit cheaper
The wedding is between two of our lovelies friends... Nao and Artemis. A couple of jewelery makers... Their work is focused in an apreciation of traditional craftmanship and materials, and it is always full of a sense of the past brought back to the future... I believe that Gill´s idea might be the right one...
Next task, pattern finding.

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