Dress to go to my dear friends' wedding

When thinking about the kind of dress i would need to wear to a wedding, I am always very careful at considering the kind of wedding I am going to attend as well as the taste of the bride and groom... In the past, failing to do this has resulted in overdressing, and as self conscious as one gets in girly cloths, this is not a great start.
This time, I knew what the target was, and although i looked around for Liberty´s fabrics in other than Liberty, at the end, taking those old wooden lifts to the third floor was the best thing I could have done. I chose the: Anne Tyrell D, Tana Lawn Liberty Fabric... a Japanese inspired print with cherry blossom. (The groom , like my husband, is Japanese)

I then focused on the shape of the dress... It needed to be vintage (as the bride likes Liberty and vintage in general)... Ideally would have been 1920s-30s but failing that i moved forward to the 40s-50s and found this great "very easy" (they said) pattern at John Lewis.
Not quite sure what happens to me when i look at a pattern but something inside of me begins to wonder what if i did it differently.... This time though, i think it was kind of a given: The fabric was 1.36m wide and the width of the 4 pieces that make up the skirt were over 1.5... so a bit of creative chopping and the skirt would be ok...
I thought that as it is quite a voluminous design, and this was a day party, i would be better off not to have the lining, and finally, the sleeves... I kept the lining to the lebow rather than a full piece twice, as i was worried that i would roast if it got warm... Oh the eternal optimism
I worked out that overall it must have taken me 10hours to complete the dress (final hand stitches in the greatest and most ott b&b i have ever seing (casatti house in Ryde)...but I was happy with the result... Unfortunatelly , the weather did not permit for the sleves to be apreciated, but hey! English summer and all that.


  1. Totally suites on you and the situation ,I think.
    Lovely !!

  2. Domou Arigatou gozaimasu, watashi no tomodachi ga :-) hihi

  3. You can sew a dress? It's beautiful!

  4. thank you Pinecone Camp :-) when i begun to sew, this would have been one of the things i wanted to achieve... avoiding to have to go shopping fora wedding and making something by myself :-)