I know what you are thinking...Stop it, I cant work fast enough

I am so impressed with this top ... that I cant stop my mind from imagining different versions... White, grey, black... so beautiful

On your bike! (diy panniers)

Last week i got my bike stolen... this is London so that is rarely news to anybody, but what got me thinking was how lucky i was that apart from the lights and bells, my bags were not on the pannier when they took it away...

I bought a pair of panniers, after 3 years deciding whether or not to do so, more than anything cause in London it rains a lot, and I don´t want the weather to make me take the bus; but the truth is that I did consider, and even begun to make my own bags with canvas fabric.I have to admit that mine were rather basic and would have got wet, but served me to learn about sequencing mostly...

For all those who rather make them... I have found some dyi paniers ideas which you may want to have a look at as they are pretty good.

Make your own Matthew Williamson kaftan

Lovely... pitty that it is already wiinter... maybe next year? I am going to try to find a fabric as beautiful as that one though...

Brilliant! Make your own Stephen Jones hat

Is that not the most beautiful hat ever? I love it, and when you read the article, it is ever so simple, i might even make one for myself!
I have been studying this carefully, and here is my conclusion....

The base it self, could be made using some useful information available on line : Pattern from Small Stuff, or Wild Ginger, inspiration from MCArt...

The flowers could come from inspiration from some projects like: My brooch making, or t shirt customizing, you could buy materials in one of the hundreds of Ebay shops, or even this great other project.

Burda Germany, free

Still, the German Burda has quite a few new patterns for free...Some really cute, like this shirt, so you might want to pay a visit. (If  like me you can´t speak a word of German, I would recommend that you install the google bar on your explorer or use google chrome which translates immediately...If you are on an ipad, click on "more" at the top of google and then on translate)

Make baby stuff

How I love this baby mobile....sew mama sew has a free pattern from badskirt for the cutest toy ever... if you are needing a present for someone, look no further, this might be it!

Softie mice

I want to tell you about a great website I found ages ago...It is called Sewing Stars (what an amazing name), and they are specialised in cute little stuffed toys... The reasons why i wanted to let you know about it are two: Firstly, they have this amazingly cute pattern to make this pair of mice, which I think is most adorable. Seocndly, because they have a "how to" section where they explain some of the hand sewing techniques for stuffed toys.... So I personally am most grateful.


This is Pauline at Funkyfriends, she has very generously donated a pattern (designed by her) to anyone who might want to use it! The pattern is lovely and the possibilities endles... but the most amazing thing is how by her act of generosity, quite a few will be able to make many happy.

Thanks Pauline! ( I can see some for Christmas, maybe for the toy society xmas drop, even)

Custom printed fabric

I frequently read Craftzine and two weeks ago, I came across this amazingly beautiful idea.(photo by youngna) wedding invitations/ directions to the wedding venue printed in handkerchiefs by Spoonflower!

I am so impressed, so excited about the amount of possibilities ahead... In the past i mentioned a Spanish company that printed fabrics digitally, but they are more expensive that this one... so who knows, this might be it for me...

OMG how sweet is this?

The Malaysia Mini Lover website has a super cute post on how to make a child seat cover.... I think they are all so cute :-) But for some reason, the link they are meant to be having side by side with the instructions is not there, so I have begun to look on line to find something I could do as a present for all those friends who are having babies...

 I have found this and this... but i like the ones in the picture more.

Amazing on-line craft magazines

Fujix thread is a Japanese company which makes lovely types of threads... cotton, silk etc... but not happy with that, they also provide you with a website full of inspirational ideas... Ok, it is in Japanese, so I firstly recommend you to install the google toolbar on your browser, or to directly install the google crome browser to get the most out of it. They have even created "pdf"type of on-line books! very generouse indeed.

A lovely find.

Many people out there might not appreciate that some of the most cutting edge designers in the UK spent quite a lot of time studding the historic costumes of their country and their evolution, prior to pulling them apart and re inventing them .

I, personally, think historic costumes are quite fascinating, as one tends to look at pictures of a particular time, never finding enough information about whether, for example, there was a way for those to respond to different elements or seasons... We know, for example, that in Victorian times, women would allow their cultural believes determine for them to wear the most completely unlikely outfits to the seaside...

I have now come across this lovely website called Sensibility, where you can buy historic patterns from as little as a dollar! How amazing is that!

Just made me laugh

If you remember I made a dress for my friends wedding... Well, imagine my surprise when Gill, my friend who suggested for me to use Liberty fabric in the first place, sent me an email with the latest offer from that shop: The add read

Our glorious Haberdashery on the 3rd floor has been extended, and to celebrate we're giving you the chance to become your own couturier. With every three metres of Liberty Art Fabric purchased we'll be giving away a 1950s style Vogue pattern*, used to make the dress pictured above. So don't delay, create your own unique dress to see in the new season in style.
* One pattern per customer, while stocks last.
Vogue Pattern no. 8615 only.

How funny. Particularly as the one the lady is wearing is exactly mine! whilst the one they give away (illustrated behind) is diferent ;-)