Halloween costumes... still time

These are some of the cutest I have found! It is amazing how creative people get around this time of the year !


Pumpkin, ghost and bat

Last minute skeleton



Christmas ....Advent calendars....

Advent calendars are mi nieces´ favourite way to earn a little piece of chocolate there will ever be. They generally do not eat sweets, but those days prior to Christmas are magical to them.
My sister in law comes from a Muslim family and my family is ... well... I would say mainly agnostic. But thinking about my grandparents and the way they were all brought up... half communist half catholic could be a fair assessment.... SO.... there is quite an unclear delimitation of the specific significance of Christmas...to us.
I guess it is the time to gather, the time to go back home, and have a laugh and a sing a song... It is the time to catch up to listen out your friends achievements, to enjoy the murmur of the waves...and peace. Where ever you are.
Anyway, I know it might sound early, but if you think about it... it is not. You must have it completed at least (in my case) a week before the first of December... and so planning is rather essential!

Wedding dress patterns

Looking through many websites on patterns I have come across many wedding dress ideas that I think, are worth bearing in mind if you are planning your day and might be short of cash or willingness to part from your hard earned cash.
These are the lovelies examples...

Dress number 5

Dress number 6

Dress number 9
Dress number 10
Dress number 11

And if it is all a bit much, the 2 hour dress might just save the day with its versatility.

Leko, curvy designs and more

Girlies, if you are fed up of not finding ideas to show your curves to their "bestest", this is a lovely generous Russian website which will lighten up your day. Leko are the best-est i have found on curvy sizes.

The first thing I recommend you is to install either google tool bar or Google chrome in your computer. This will automatically translate any websites to your own language. Internet will never be the same again, trust me!

Then look into these designs and more.

This lovely dress has a free pattern and instructions page.

There are many more lovely flattering designs that look good no matter the size!

Smocking onepi dress

Until I manage to make these dresses, I am afraid that this picture will have to do the job... In case you don't appreciate it in the picture, which i must admit is rather fuzzy, it is a cute little dress with a gathering (smoking) at the front. Please refer to the Nani iro´s website for the visual instructions.
I have managed to Cad this pattern too, but as before, I am not the designer, only the drafting person so the same rules Nani Iro copy right rules apply. I.e. let this pattern be for your personal use only... If in doubt, as them! (Pretty please)

A line onepi by Nani Iro

So, as I have the latest Autocad version in the office, I have decided to begin drawing on lunch break, as many patterns as I can from those I have downloaded from Japanese websites. This will allow me to have a working pattern library rather than a collection of notes and sketches in Japanese.

Having received queries from some of you out there about difficulties with the language, I would like to share them with you.

I have no idea what the instructions say, but my best guess is that the arm holes and the neck areas have a double line to show the inner piece that will allow you to have a edge-less crisp finish.
This is a basic A line dress where both back and front pieces are cut on the fold . I am planning to make it myself, but in the meantime, my cad version of the Nani Iro design is all I can offer.
Please remember to respect any copyright requirements that one might expect from a lovely website like theirs. All I am doing is lending my drafting skills to you, but the design is not mine, so please treat it with respect.
The pdf is the equivalent of an A1 paper. Each of the smaller rectangles are slightly smaller than A4 so that you can print at home. Do not "fit to page"

Summer fashion delayed... from Clover

I love Japanese ways... People think that they are a tough country (which is true) but they are also a highly developed one in regard to understanding the demands of living in a dense society... 
The level of respect between people is strongly translated to customer services and when it comes to their generosity, (we in the west ) are sometimes put to shame...Here is another example...

Clover is a Japanese company which sells all sorts of bits and pieces to make your sewing or knitting ambitions reality... They also are a tremendous source of inspiration and ideas, and they have a great source of information available to all.

I discovered them a few months back through a magazine called "cotton friend" which is a Japanese sewing magazine... 
By the by, in case you don´t read Japanese (i don´t yet) you can :
a. download google chrome and install it as your default browser. (It will take your default language and translate any website automatically to your default language)
b. Install the google bar on your Internet browser and click on translate to do the same.
Ah, another thing. I have found that if you change the number, from 01 to 103, in the following web address, you have those many lessons to keep busy with.


Winter hat making

Winter is literally around the corner, I am telling you (my friend Rachael was wearing hat and gloves yesterday) ...but there is no need to panic as we still have time to get ready in a glamorous manner...
I was so inspired by the Stephen Jones hat that I am most determined to take action. In a new search, I have found great designs for the hat it self and I am ready to share them with you.
Firstly a lovely image/tip from the queen of crafts and interiors in the USA Martha Stewart! She makes these to decorate cushions (which is fine if you are into cushions) but how about that for a great source of flowers to decorate your hat?
Then I have found a series of lovely hats which patterns  are actually given away by a bunch of generous people.

People like Hot Patterns

I found a very interesting website

They have tones of patterns for women, men, little women and little men... some really cute, some very useful and others quite full of potential... I would suggest that you have a look around as I cannot believe that it is physically possible not to find some inspiring patterns somewhere.... There are

Wedding dresses...
Children hooded jackets....
Girlies´ Ts
And gents´ Anoraks
For example!