Christmas ....Advent calendars....

Advent calendars are mi nieces´ favourite way to earn a little piece of chocolate there will ever be. They generally do not eat sweets, but those days prior to Christmas are magical to them.
My sister in law comes from a Muslim family and my family is ... well... I would say mainly agnostic. But thinking about my grandparents and the way they were all brought up... half communist half catholic could be a fair assessment.... SO.... there is quite an unclear delimitation of the specific significance of us.
I guess it is the time to gather, the time to go back home, and have a laugh and a sing a song... It is the time to catch up to listen out your friends achievements, to enjoy the murmur of the waves...and peace. Where ever you are.
Anyway, I know it might sound early, but if you think about it... it is not. You must have it completed at least (in my case) a week before the first of December... and so planning is rather essential!

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