I found a very interesting website

They have tones of patterns for women, men, little women and little men... some really cute, some very useful and others quite full of potential... I would suggest that you have a look around as I cannot believe that it is physically possible not to find some inspiring patterns somewhere.... There are

Wedding dresses...
Children hooded jackets....
Girlies´ Ts
And gents´ Anoraks
For example!


  1. The site, "m-sewing.com" has more than 80 dresses (I know, I counted them, as I downloaded.) They do add some patterns from time to time. You have done folks a real service by posting the information on this site. BTW, I purchase and use the patterns on disks. Cordially, Nehmah

  2. wow ! thanks for the tip Nehmah....as usual :-)
    have you downloaded the children ones I drafted? I know that you make clothes for all the little ones around you and you might find them interesting... let me know if you want them in a4 format to print at home ok?