Leko, curvy designs and more

Girlies, if you are fed up of not finding ideas to show your curves to their "bestest", this is a lovely generous Russian website which will lighten up your day. Leko are the best-est i have found on curvy sizes.

The first thing I recommend you is to install either google tool bar or Google chrome in your computer. This will automatically translate any websites to your own language. Internet will never be the same again, trust me!

Then look into these designs and more.

This lovely dress has a free pattern and instructions page.

There are many more lovely flattering designs that look good no matter the size!


  1. HIya found your blog today. Firstly i love the patterns but secondly i really love the look of your blog. Can i be cheeky and ask how you have got the icons across the top for the different sections. Reall lovely. Joannaxxx

  2. Thank you so much Joanna, very kind ;-) you made my day ;-))

    The images are collages from photos i have taken.. i work with the adobe cs4 package... i think this was with photoshop...

    then the tabs you can find them in posting/edit pages, and you create them one by one...

    the background is from a very lovely site called the background fairy (check it out, you might find something you like)..

    thank you again, and i am here to help, so ask and if i know, i will help you

  3. thank you so much. It really did help.