A line onepi by Nani Iro

So, as I have the latest Autocad version in the office, I have decided to begin drawing on lunch break, as many patterns as I can from those I have downloaded from Japanese websites. This will allow me to have a working pattern library rather than a collection of notes and sketches in Japanese.

Having received queries from some of you out there about difficulties with the language, I would like to share them with you.

I have no idea what the instructions say, but my best guess is that the arm holes and the neck areas have a double line to show the inner piece that will allow you to have a edge-less crisp finish.
This is a basic A line dress where both back and front pieces are cut on the fold . I am planning to make it myself, but in the meantime, my cad version of the Nani Iro design is all I can offer.
Please remember to respect any copyright requirements that one might expect from a lovely website like theirs. All I am doing is lending my drafting skills to you, but the design is not mine, so please treat it with respect.
The pdf is the equivalent of an A1 paper. Each of the smaller rectangles are slightly smaller than A4 so that you can print at home. Do not "fit to page"

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