Summer fashion delayed... from Clover

I love Japanese ways... People think that they are a tough country (which is true) but they are also a highly developed one in regard to understanding the demands of living in a dense society... 
The level of respect between people is strongly translated to customer services and when it comes to their generosity, (we in the west ) are sometimes put to shame...Here is another example...

Clover is a Japanese company which sells all sorts of bits and pieces to make your sewing or knitting ambitions reality... They also are a tremendous source of inspiration and ideas, and they have a great source of information available to all.

I discovered them a few months back through a magazine called "cotton friend" which is a Japanese sewing magazine... 
By the by, in case you don´t read Japanese (i don´t yet) you can :
a. download google chrome and install it as your default browser. (It will take your default language and translate any website automatically to your default language)
b. Install the google bar on your Internet browser and click on translate to do the same.
Ah, another thing. I have found that if you change the number, from 01 to 103, in the following web address, you have those many lessons to keep busy with.

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