From London, thank you

Hi there everyone.... I have meant to say  (for a while now) that I am loving the "new" feature of blogger that allows me to understand where all of you lovely people are from.
Until this feature became available, I was aware of those of you following though the following widget, and I have even visited your blogs... but as for the rest, I did not even realised that you were there until recently!
Now I now know that there are more of you, some following from really unexpected places, therefore before going any further I would like to take the time to say thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog as busy as life it is. I do appreciate your time, a rear commodity these days, more than a blog entry can express.
I also like to thank you for the feedback that you send me, either by commenting or by emailing me. I really like hearing what you like or don´t as it gives my blogging a sense of purpose and makes me happy to know that my "giving back" is working... makes my day, frankly :-)

When I learnt to sew, thanks to my lovely friend Anja, my life changed. I don´t think there is nothing more fulfilling than achieving one of your childhood dreams! When i made my first piece (a little make up bag) I made a promise to my inner child. I promised that I had to give as much back to the world.This is the reason behind the blog.
Continuing the list of I need to go to the moon and learn to fly... not joking...

Looking for a skirt... any skirt?

Some mornings you can´t decide... shall i wear the long one? the black one? the one with the detail? NO, I am going to cycle... am I not?... can´t it is raining...etc etc... Maybe it is just me, but i doubt it!

I have so often considered how many "types" of skirts one might need to cover all eventualities that my brain has reached a "stop" :-)

Looking for ideas, I have found several great sources which I am very happy to share ....

First one is in the craftsew website, and has such a large amount of options that one must be able to find something :-)
You have a link to Jona G´s A line tutorial

or Fitzpatterns super cute Dana skirt

To go to work, I liked this one

If you are keen to learn how to create a pattern, i have found a brilliant tutorial at fashion era

If you are after a fifties style circle here to see how

6 panel circle skirt can be found at the better homes and gardens website

A petticoat skirt from the anti craft website

And of course there is Burda.... for this tutu skirt

And also for this layered skirt
Or this great "collage" one...

And if you are going about this!