From London, thank you

Hi there everyone.... I have meant to say  (for a while now) that I am loving the "new" feature of blogger that allows me to understand where all of you lovely people are from.
Until this feature became available, I was aware of those of you following though the following widget, and I have even visited your blogs... but as for the rest, I did not even realised that you were there until recently!
Now I now know that there are more of you, some following from really unexpected places, therefore before going any further I would like to take the time to say thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog as busy as life it is. I do appreciate your time, a rear commodity these days, more than a blog entry can express.
I also like to thank you for the feedback that you send me, either by commenting or by emailing me. I really like hearing what you like or don´t as it gives my blogging a sense of purpose and makes me happy to know that my "giving back" is working... makes my day, frankly :-)

When I learnt to sew, thanks to my lovely friend Anja, my life changed. I don´t think there is nothing more fulfilling than achieving one of your childhood dreams! When i made my first piece (a little make up bag) I made a promise to my inner child. I promised that I had to give as much back to the world.This is the reason behind the blog.
Continuing the list of I need to go to the moon and learn to fly... not joking...

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