Cloth house, Soho

A few weeks ago I finally went into a shop i have loved from the distance for a while: Cloth house.

I will cut the story short and tell you about their philosophy. They are a company that sources their materials from many countries caring for the people who make them, for the processes that are used to make them and the impact of those in the environment. They even quote one of my heroes in their website: Mahatma Gandhy "there is no beauty in the finest cloths if it makes hunger and unhappiness".

I always thought it would be an expensive place, because they care so much for every detail that I have been accustomed in the uk to pay for service, but everything is so reasonable that i had to check the labels twice! The selection is incredible: from vintage haberdashery to the best non branded cottons or even silver thread. They even have a remnant pile near the door and Edith Piaf on the music is a great place .

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