Hair piece for dear Dolly's 60th

In january the 15th was my friend Dolly’s birthday . Dolly is the happiest person in the office. In an super intense architectural practice, you always need someone like her to pat your back every now and then and tell you that it will all be ok.

So, grateful as I am to her for being so nice to all of us every day (and lets face it, although we are qute a friendly office when compared to others, we are often a grumpy bunch), I decided to make her a hair piece to complement her 50s party theme.
Dolly loves leopard prints and since those came back in fashion a couple of seasons ago, she has happily embraced the trend. This, of course was also something she followed through when choosing the material that her niece would use to make her 50s dress.
I wanted an easy fit piece, and she wanted something other than a band, so i decided to go for a fascinator as a base, with a “comb” to fix on to the hair. The top would be covered with a delicate lace and vintage looking yo-yos.

Each yo-yo was crafted as a double layer. The inner layer was a the lepard skin printed satin and the outer later a black thin muslin cotton. To pick up the color of the dress, I also added natural ambar beads into each yo-yo, leaving three or four of them to be decorated with a clear glass beads… This, I felt avoided overpowering the piece. It was all hand stitched and I managed to snap a needle in the process…

I discovered that, when fixing the comb as I had seeing at the shop where i bought it, it was not lifting enough to fit properly, so I made a little yo-yo with the printed fabric and placed it inside it to lift it slightly. (see pics)

My dear friend loved it and looked beautiful in her party so I was very happy .
Material Notes:
For the yo-yos: black muslin , animal printed satin, beads For the base: thin antique wide lace, and teardrop fascinator straw base and the comb.

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