Free patterns at Otsukayan

Japanese fabric shops are brilliant sources of ideas. They always seem to be happy to provide free patterns ideas that should inspire you to make something.
Unless you speak Japanese, I would recommend that you either use Microsoft explorer with the Google bar installed , or that you use Google chrome instead. The second option is , lets face it, the quickest of both.
Then you can think about what is it that you fancy sewing....
A Bolero?

A linen dress?

Maybe a Jimbei (a child "kimono")?

Wow, how cute is this

A few weeks ago, and a month earlier than expected my nephew was born. He is only little but has already begun his life with a big bang, and so I decided that I wanted to make him something special.

After a few years of frequent wearing, my beloved pair of Japanese dennin trousers had to go...But, as we all know, an old pair of jeans is much softer than a new, I decided to re use the material .

For the inside face of the top, I used a colourfull thin cotton, which served me to hide the stitched from joining the bottom and top tarst both in the back and front.

As i often do for children clothing, i used snaps (two large one for the straps and 4 small ones for the sides). I added a detail by fixing two crayon buttons on the shoulders...