Shopping bags

Now a days, one rarely seems to go shopping without a canvas bag inside their pocket. The bad publicity that plastic bags have received and the quite recently introduced charge that only some supermarkets apply, seem  to have made us more German in this sense.
I remember that I was first introduced to the idea of your own bags almost twenty years ago during a visit to a German supermarket. Then, in London , a German friend explained that this was common practice "back home". People had got used to manage their shopping habits, and it was not hassle any more. She never once told me any of the arguments that have been used to discourage people from using plastic bags these days. She simply said that given that people recycled, there was no much room to extend the life of the small size plastic bags. It made sense. How many times you have gone shopping and ended up with a collection of useless little plastic bags that once you are at home cannot have any other logical use.
This entry aims at giving all of you ideas to make your own canvas bags....Starting from one of mine.

Earthy girl, has a free pattern to make these.

Bijou lovely has a wonderful tutorial full of images to guide you through the process required to make this one.

Queen of diy posted this fantastic tutorial

And for tips on how to achieve that amazing finish, I have found this fantastic site...