Yohji Yamamoto

Is it me or time does not simply pass, but runs past so fast that one does not have a clue when the New Year  begun or what happened between the Barbican exhibition titled "30 years of Japanese Fashion" which I attended in January and this retrospective one on Yohji Yamamoto at the V&A.

I still remember planning my visit and it already arrived. I have even visited it once already! It was wonderful. I wanted to touch everything but felt it to be inappropriate... even rude... those fabrics were so meaningful, so carefully and purposefully selected... And everyone knows that the slight sweat in human hands leaves an accumulative patina on the fabric that you cannot get rid off.

Yet people touched! They touched everything, and who can blame them! It was all so intriguing, so mysteriously crafted. Every layer added a level of complexity to a form whose authorship you could recognise without the shadow of a doubt.

These images are linked to the exhibition website which I recommend you having a look, there are videos, interviews, images and more but if you can visit the V&A, please do. It is well worth your time.

Ps1. Notice that there are Yamamoto´s works in more than one places of the museum, so don´t miss anything!

Ps2. If like me you like Wim Wenders.... have a look at this fantastic DVD

Ps3. The Wapping project at Bankside has a photographic exhibition called "Yojhi´s women"

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