A dress from a skirt

A few months ago I decided to sell quite a few of my clothes through Ebay. Many found new owners but some stayed behind. Amongst those, it was this lovely Oasis skirt. I loved it and as it was made out of lovely light soft cotton, I decided to transform it into a dress for my lovely niece.

Internet is full of ideas and I found various on how to transform an adult skirt into a dress. Amongst those ideas I liked one which suggested using a t-shirt for the top part of the dress and the adult skirt as the bottom... Looking at my skirt in particular, I also liked the idea of using the belt as a bow.

Firstly removed the belt and I unpicked the top of the skirt (opening it up). Then I removed the zip and sewed the sides fully ,creating a "tube". I bought a t-shirt in a colour which would go with the tones of the fabric.

I then folded the top of the skirt (around 1.5cm) and loosely basted it. I pinned the sides on to the sides of the t- shirt making sure that they were at the same height.

I pulled and adjusted the the thread slowly, to make sure that the width of the skirt was becoming the same as the width of the t-shirt.

I pinned the skirt into position and passed it through the sewing machine. It was not important if it was not perfect. It was more important that it looked evenly spread.

Finally covered the joining of both materials with the belt which I sewed top and bottom by hand.

The result has a vintage look and my skirt will continue to live many more years ahead.

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  1. That turned out so cute! What a great idea.