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Updated post!! (originally posted in May 2011)

I have recently discovered Kindle. I installed the app on my mobile, my home pc and I am using it as a regular reading device. Kindle is such a great idea! I am so impressed that I want to share it with you.
I have found loads of free books, but some which I think you may find interesting, as they have creativity on the set, are these:


Encyclopedia of Needlework (free)

CreativiTee: the ultimate guide to cut and revamp your old T-shirts (free)


 "21 Projects Guaranteed to Keep Your Kids Occupied This Weekend" (free)

 "Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes and Home Made Candy Recipes"

These are just some, but have a look at it for yourself.

I have discovered that each week they make available, for free different books, which gives you the chance to read books that you might have not chosen and then continue investigating topics if you are interested... I absolutely love this Kindle business....

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  1. Hi Christina, I couldn't find a way to contact you directly, so I am just leaving a comment here. Firstly I love your blog! I found it though and it is nominated as aBlog of the week on my Facebook's Sewing And Style Den Page ( )
    I downloaded some of these free kindle books , the first one (sewing basics) is perfect for my daughter and I wanted to thank you for an idea of posting some free kindle titles that are available online, I should steal it from you for the future. My own blog is Sewing and Style Den ( , I would love if you could add it to your blog list, please! Again, love your blog- amazing! Juliette